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Business Licence

Did you know a business licence is required for all businesses, companies, guides and/or vendors who are operating in Point Pelee National Park? Licences are valid the day after fee payment until March 31 of the following year.

Examples of business activities include: photography for hire, guided bird hikes, guided nature hikes, and guided canoe/kayak tours.

What you need to know about your licence:

  • The licence is valid until March 31 of the following year and commences the day after fee payment.
  • The licence allows you to conduct business at Point Pelee National Park.
  • A licence is required whenever compensation is being exchanged.
  • The licence must be renewed yearly; failure to comply with park rules and regulations may result in suspension or cancelation of licence.
  • Businesses are required to possess commercial general liability insurance for a minimum of two million ($2,000,000 CDN) per incident. These are minimum insurance limit requirements and the Licensee is responsible for deciding if additional insurance coverage is necessary to fulfill its obligations under the agreement and to ensure compliance with any applicable law.
  • Licensees do not need to be insured at the time an application is submitted. However, if the application is approved, proof of insurance must be provided before a license is granted.
  • Businesses must follow all park rules and regulation including the National Parks Act.
  • A Business Licence does not include Park admission for business licence holders or their clients. Visit fees page for more details.

Business Licensees will be required to meet the following conditions:

  • Licensees will have access to the park during regular hours;
  • Business licensees must pay the fee prior to their first day of onsite sales,
  • Licensees are responsible for their own promotion, and will not be reimbursed for lost revenue;

Rules and Regulations

General Parks Canada Regulations that apply to businesses and their clients:

  1. All wildlife attractants including food/garbage and fuel/oil products will be stored in such a way that they are not accessible to wildlife.
  2. Do not approach, chase or harass wild animals.
  3. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
  4. Locations used and the surrounding area must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  5. Only guiding and outfitting, and photography activities listed in the licence are allowed to be carried out. Any modifications or changes to activities will require another application.
  6. Guides must follow all rules and regulations set out by the park in the business licence package, the visitor guide and any seasonal guides provided by the park.

For more about Parks Canada’s business licencing requirement visit our service standards page. 

Guided Tours

If you are operating a for profit hike at Point Pelee National Park, you will need to acquire a business licence. Hike leaders are required to carry proof of licence on them while operating business in the park.

Who needs a Hike Leader Business Permit?

  • A guide leading a nature hike where money or compensation is received
  • A guide leading a photography tour and/or workshop where money or compensation is received
  • A guide leading a Forest Therapy Workshop where money or compensation is received
  • A guide leading any type of tour on the grounds, where money or compensation is received.

You should be prepared to provide:

  • The specific activities you intend to offer
  • List of vehicles that will be used to provide the guided/outfitter activity
  • Details of safety practices you will incorporate when providing guided/outfitter activities
  • The number of guides you plan to employ
  • A list of the guides’ full names (a completed Guide ID application form part V)

Annual business licence fee (see below). Cheques can be made payable to “Receiver General for Canada”.

  • Guide/hike leader (per guide) $64.25

For more information about Parks Canada’s licences for tour operators, outfitters and hike leaders visit our Business licences for tour operators and guides page


Did you know that if you are hosting photography shoots for profit at Point Pelee National Park you need a business permit? Operating any business activities in the park requires a licence.

Who needs a photography permit?

  • A photographer hired to take maternity, family, engagement, and/or wedding photos.
  • Videographer, a cinematographer with or without a lighting crew, director, etc. For example, a news agency, documentary film crew, private project or social media influencer - these individuals may need a filming/photography permit. Visit our guide to film and photos shoots at Parks Canada page to learn more.
  • If photography is not for personal use, a Photography and Filming permit may be required.

You should be prepared to provide:

  • The specific activities you intend to offer
  • Details of safety practices you will be incorporating

Annual business licence fee (see below). Cheques can be made payable to “Receiver General for Canada”

  • Photography $64.25

Unsure of whether you need a business permit? Contact us at pelee.businesslicence@pc.gc.ca

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