Stewardship and management

Point Pelee National Park

Point Pelee National Park is your doorway into a world of natural wonders. From your first step into the park you’ll be amazed by a diversity of habitats, from the sheltered canopy of the southern Carolinian forest to the expansive sea of cattails in the marsh. Listen for the sweet songs of migratory birds that briefly stop in spring on their way to northern breeding grounds. Glide through the marshlands in a canoe, paddling silently past turtles basking in the sun or wander barefoot on a sandy beach, enjoying the sun and warm water. In autumn, the migration returns with songbirds darting quickly in and out of vegetation, while dragonflies and Monarch butterflies drift by. In winter, Point Pelee offers quiet beauty and solitude as you enjoy hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

Advisory Committee of Local Citizens

The Advisory Committee of Local Citizens assists the park in its efforts to achieve the Parks Canada mandate.

Management Plan

The management plan provides strategic direction for the management of a national park over a ten-year period.

Middle Island Conservation Plan

Information on objectives, management approaches, and implementation of the conservation plan for Middle Island.


List of partners Parks Canada works with at Point Pelee National Park.


Parks Canada strictly limits the use of drones. Flying a drone without park or site approval may result in law enforcement action and a fine.


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