Visiting in the fall and winter seasons

Bruce Peninsula National Park

November 1 to April 30


Hiking during the winter can be hazardous, please review our winter safety page before heading out.

Bruce Peninsula National Park is in off-season operations from November 1 to April 30. Park facilities and services may be limited during this period. The park is a remote, wilderness area and conditions can be dangerous especially during winter. Road access to some areas are closed from the first snow fall. Visitors must be prepared for limited services and are responsible for their own safety. Make sure your vehicle is equipped for local road conditions (snow tires recommended) and your gas tank is full. Limited services are available in nearby towns such as Tobermory or Lion’s Head.  

What’s Open in the Park: 

  • Grotto area trails including the Cyprus Lake Trail, Georgian Bay Trail, Marr Lake Trail and Horse Lake Trail.
    • The trails are not maintained; use at your own risk.
    • Day use, parking and camping fees apply.
    • Register at the Cyprus Lake Campground Office.

  • Front country camping at Tamarack Campground.
    • New! Reserve online! Visit the reservation page to book your site today.
    • Front country winter camping is only available in the Tamarack area of Cyprus Lake Campground.
    • Campsites are not directly accessible by vehicle. Parking is available nearby at the P2 parking lot for walk-in access to campsites.
    • RV, trailer, van or car camping is not permitted during the winter months.
    • Services are limited. One outhouse facility is available in the campground.
    • Winter storms can impact road conditions. It is recommended campers bring all required food and water supplies, including extra supplies in case of extreme weather.
    • Fires are permitted in designated fire pits only. Burn locally sourced firewood which can be purchased from the Cyprus Lake Campground office or from vendors in the Bruce Peninsula.
    • Camping fees apply.

  • Backcountry camping at Stormhaven and High Dump.
    • New! Reserve online! Visit the reservation page to book your site today.
    • Backcountry campers have to park and hike from the Cyprus Lake area’s P2 parking lot during fall and winter operations. There is no access to Halfway Log Dump or Crane Lake parking areas. 
    • Stormhaven: 3-4 hour hike from P2 parking lot.
    • High Dump: 8-10 hour hike from P2 parking lot.
    • No fires are allowed at any time.
    • Hot tents are not permitted in the backcountry.
    • Camping fees apply.

  • Yurt camping at Cyprus Lake.
    • Reservations required (Two night minimum).
    • Check-in at the Cyprus Lake  Office.
    • Each yurt is equipped with a bunk bed (double bed below and single bed up top) and a double sized murphy bed. 
    • Each yurt has a barbeque for cooking and a bear-proof bin to store scented items. 
    • Cooking or storing food inside the yurt is not permitted.
    • The only heat source inside the yurt is a woodstove. Wood can be purchased from the Cyprus Lake Office or from local vendors in the Bruce Peninsula.
    • Cars are not permitted to park at the yurts – sleds are available to bring belongings from the nearby parking lot.
    • Candles or other open flames are not permitted.
    • Washroom facilities are located in the parking area. For sanitary purposes, please use the washrooms and not the surrounding forested areas. 

  • Visitor Centre in Tobermory.
    • Indoor facilities including washrooms, theatre and gallery.
    • Burnt Loop Trail open but not maintained; use at your own risk.
    • Day use and parking fees apply.

  • Bruce Trail through the park.
    • The trails are not maintained; use at your own risk.
    • Snowshoes, crampons or micro spokes are recommended.

  • Washrooms and/or portable toilets are available at these locations.
    • Head of Trails/Grotto parking lot (P1).
    • Tamarack Campground washrooms # 7 and # 8.
    • Parks Canada Visitor Centre. 
    • Cyprus Lake Campground Office.

What’s closed in the park 

Annual Closures in Bruce Peninsula National Park

This listing shows planned closures. Where dates are approximate, closures will fall sometime during the time period specified, usually determined by weather conditions. Additional closures may happen at any time, in any location and without prior notice.

Location Dates Facilities closed Notes
Halfway Log Dump Mid-November to mid-April Emmett Lake Road No winter maintenance
Singing Sands Mid-November to mid-April Parking lot No winter maintenance
Little Cove Road Mid-November to mid-April Day-use area Road not plowed beyond private properties.
Crane Lake Road Mid-November to mid-April Road Road not plowed beyond private properties.

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