Tours and programs

Terra Nova National Park

Whether you live nearby, you're just dropping in, or you're staying in the campground, there are lots of activities for you to enjoy in Terra Nova National Park.

These tours and programs are included in the daily admission fee, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Guided walks

    Guided walks

    Experience the environment of Terra Nova first-hand with our interpreters. Taste plants, watch wildlife, or discover the secrets of this coastal, boreal forest.

    Our guided walks are over gentle terrain and are suitable for all ages.

    What to bring:

    • Appropriate footwear
    • Bottle of water

    • Snack or picnic
    • Binoculars

    • Camera
    • Sense of adventure
    • Junior naturalist

      Become a junior naturalist

      Calling all kids!

      Come along to any of our Junior Naturalist programs this summer and collect a stamp for each program you attend. Get an official Junior Naturalist certificate and a prize for filling out your stamp card!

      • Programs are designed for children ages 5-13 years of age.
      • Programs take place at both the Activity Centre and the Visitor Centre.
    • Evening programs

      Evening programs

      Evenings in Terra Nova are all about theatrical programs, music, games, and other surprises.

      Join us underneath the stars at the outdoor theatre for educational and entertaining evening programs, or gather at the Campfire Circle and sing-a-long to some good ole' campfire favourites.

      • Special days

        Special days

        Terra Nova National Park commemorates a number of special days throughout the summer season.

        • Memorial Day / Canada Day
        • Parks Day
        • Celebration of Culture
        • Music in the Sound
        • Night Sky Celebration
        • School programs

          School programs

          National Parks are amazing classrooms, offering a variety of learning opportunities for students to connect with nature. Fun and educational hands-on programs and field trips are available from late-May to mid-October.

          Mix and match your classroom experience by choosing two of the following activities or contact us at the Visitor Centre to build a classroom experience that's just right for you!

          Please see our fees page for cost per student.

          a Parks Canada employee holds a starfish over a marine water tank

          Touch tank tour - super sea squad

          It’s a hard life in the Intertidal Zone but lurking along this ever changing expanse are some amazing animals – the Super Sea Squad! These marine marvels have formed some super-hero level adaptations to survive, and thrive!

          Join your interpreter at the Touch Tank as we get up close with these outstanding ocean critters and uncover their super adaptive abilities.

          a coastal view

          Trail tales

          From the mossy ground to the crown of the trees, this forest has a story to tell.

          Join your interpreter as we walk the trail to explore the secrets of the unique boreal forest of Terra Nova National Park.

          a bumblebee perched on a purple flower

          More bees please

          Bees are incredible insects - and cute too! But it’s not all flowers and honey. Bees are also extremely hard workers and they go through a pretty fascinating lifecycle.

          Join your interpreter as we explore the amazing world of bees.

          a whale tail sticking out of the water

          Whale tales

          Did you know that the Blue Whale is the biggest animal to EVER live on Earth?! Whales are fascinating and mostly mysterious marine mammals.

          Join your interpreter for a fun learning journey as we uncover the truly unique world of these amazing animals.

          To book:

          Phone number: +1 (709) 533-2942
          Email address:

          These programs are only available during visitor centre hours of operation.

        • Explore on your own

          Explore on your own

          Discover Terra Nova at your own pace with these self-guided activities.

          Lichen hikin'

          a close-up of various different kinds of lichen

          Witch's Hair? British Soldiers? Trumpets? Explore the Heritage Trail in search of tiny mysterious organisms. Wee wonders await!

          Stop by the visitor centre to pick up your "Lookin for Lichens" kit before heading out on the trail to explore on your own.

          Only available during visitor centre hours of operation.

          Club Parka

          Visiting with young children? Explore with club Parka!

          With the Club Parka booklet kids can explore, learn and have fun! The booklets are available on site. With the Photo Missions App, kids are invited to help Parka and Chirp find and photograph specific items found at our place! Download the app for free before visiting. Once one or both activities are completed, they will receive a reward!

          Learn more about Parka and download other activities!

          Xplorers program

          Hey Kids! Do you like exploring, having adventures and lots of fun? If so, you can be a Parks Canada Xplorer! Pick up your Terra Nova Xplorers booklet at the Visitor Centre, Activity Centre, or at a campground kiosk and get started on your first challenge. Complete the required number of tasks to receive a collectable souvenir.

          The Parks Canada Xplorers program is currently offered in more than 70 national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas across the country.

          Xplorers program logo

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