Kinnie Brook Trail

Fundy National Park

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Distance: 2.8 km return trip
Time: 1.5 h
Difficulty: Moderate Moderate
Steep Section(s): Yes
Habitat: Forest

The first part of the trail is on flat ground and travels through a typical Acadian forest dominated by maple, birch, spruce and fir. It skirts the upper edge of the Kinnie Brook valley before descending a long flight of stairs to the stream bed.

You have to return the same way you came to get back to the parking lot, but walking back reveals new perspectives of the same environment.

Highlights Throughout the Year

  • In the spring and after heavy rains, water laps at the foot of the stairs. At other times it seeps through the gravel to flow beneath the surface only to reappear 150 metres or so downstream – Kinnie Brook is the disappearing stream.
  • The lush floodplain is filled with water-loving plants among which are ostriches and sensitive fern, cow parsnip, jack-in-the pulpit, and red osier dogwood.
  • At some point along the trail, a microclimate environment was created by the local topography. We know it as “Frosty Hollow”. Here pockets of ice can be found well into August. The area resembles a small boreal forest.
  • Reaching the long flight of stairs, you will see the pointy rocky pinnacle at your right where the fragrant cliff fern grows.

Be Prepared!
  • Know your physical limits; Fundy’s wilderness is famous for its rugged cliffs and river valleys. Choose a trail that is challenging but enjoyable for you.
  • Pack for comfort and safety: A sweater and a windbreaker are good insurance against variable weather. We recommend footwear with good traction and support. Pack fresh water and a snack, even if you’re planning a short hike.
  • Plan your route and stick to it. Let someone know where you plan on hiking and your estimated time of return.
  • For your own safety and to preserve the ecological integrity of our Park, stay on marked trails.
  • Leave no trace! Please carry out all garbage, yours and any you may find on the trail.
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