Fundy National Park

You’ve walked the seafloor at low tide and admired the craggy sea cliffs, riddled with caves and crawling with crustaceans. Now paddle around the tops of those same cliffs at high tide in an ocean kayak.

Kayak tours in the nearby fishing village of Alma enable visitors to experience the thrill of paddling Fundy’s record-setting tides. Kayak independently or on a guided tour as the Bay of Fundy – a massive 250-kilometre-long bathtub – quickly fills with water from the Atlantic Ocean. Watch as intertidal mud flats are submerged by lapping waves and the rising water lifts your kayak higher and higher.

Popular kayaking spots also include the nearby Hopewell Rocks, towering red sandstone “flowerpot” formations left behind by countless millennia of erosion. Each year the action of the water eats away at the base of these flowerpots, which will ultimately tumble into the ocean.

Bennett Lake and Wolfe Lake in Fundy National Park also offer great paddling opportunities. Paddling at Wolfe Lake is open from August 1 to September 5, 2022 and at Bennett Lake while there is no ice on it. Additionally, kayaks, canoes and paddle boards are available for rent at the Bennett Lake Boathouse. 

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Aerial view of Bennett Lake
Bennett Lake

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