Photo gallery

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Photography Guidelines

We do not encourage people to actively seek out wildlife for photography.

If you do happen to encounter wildlife, create and maintain plenty of space between you and the animal. Follow the recommendations on our “Keep the ‘wild’ in wildlife” page.

If you are lucky enough to observe wildlife from a safe distance (of greater than 100m or 8 bus lengths), use a telephoto lens to get the photos you want while still maintaining your distance.

Wildlife Camera Images

Wildlife cameras allow us to study animals without our presence affecting their behaviour. All these images were taken with motion triggered wildlife cameras.

Animal Sign

Once you start looking for animal signs such as tracks and scats, you realize the animals are closer than you might have guessed.

General Wildlife Images

Keep your head up, your eyes open and your ears perked. If you are lucky, you will have a chance to watch wildlife from a safe distance. All these images were taken with a zoom lens.


Humans and wild animals share this place. These videos highlight how we can do this with respect.

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