Wildlife safety

Jasper National Park

Notice of restriction: Wildlife viewing practices in Jasper National Park

Roadside wildlife viewing is designated as restricted from January 1 until December 31

Help Parks Canada maintain healthy animal populations

Stay in your vehicle

  • Slow down, and always obey speed limits
  • Use your hazard lights to alert others
  • Pull over only where it is safe to do so
    • Do not stop in driving lanes
  • Observe, take photographs, and move on
  • Move on immediately if a traffic jam develops

Human food and garbage kill wildlife

  • Do not feed wildlife
  • Do not litter
    • Put garbage in its proper place
    • Do not burn unwanted food or garbage
  • Never leave food unattended
    • Properly store all food and scented items

Give wildlife space

  • Do not approach wildlife
  • All wild animals are unpredictable
    • All wildlife is potentially dangerous
    • Animals are wild even if they appear tame
  • Keep pets on leash
  • Stay 30m (3 bus lengths) away from elk, deer, and moose
  • Stay 100m (10 bus lengths) away from bears and other carnivores

You are responsible for your own safety

When you are on the trails:

  • Travel in groups
  • Make noise
  • Tune in to your surroundings. Remove your headset
  • If you encounter wildlife, back away. Return the way you came
  • Carry bear spray. Know how to use it
  • Report all aggressive wildlife encounters to Parks Canada Dispatch: 780-852-6155
  • Know the Parks Canada regulations

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