Activities and experiences

Elk Island National Park

Fill your cups with hot chocolate and look up at the stars or go behind the scenes of bison conservation at a bison handling facility. Elk Island National Park offers something for everyone looking to connect with the natural world around them, from day picnickers to overnight campers.

Reservation launch dates

We're moving our reservation system to a new platform! You need to create a new account this year, even if you’ve used our system before. Launch day can be very busy, so be sure you prepare in advance.

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How to prepare for launch day

Have your Say!

The Elk Island Draft Management Plan is now available.

Visitors capture pictures of bison from a safe distance... Elk Island National Park

Wildlife watching

Keep an eye out for wildlife!

A couple captures photographs from the Living Waters Boardwalk... Elk Island National Park


Enjoy a hike on a park trail!

A young man looks out of his tent while a women reads a book at Oster Lake Backcountry Campground in Elk Island National Park.


Enjoy the nostalgia of camping in the very heart of Elk Island National Park.

A Parks Canada interpreter shows visitors a bison skull... Elk Island National Park

Tours and programs

Guided tours, programs, workshops, and learning experiences.

A family on snowshoes playing in the snow at the Astotin Lake Recreation Area in Elk Island National Park.

Winter Adventures

Winter is a fabulous time to enjoy the wilderness of Elk Island National Park.


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