Volunteering in Elk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park

Volunteering is a great way to give back to national parks. Parks Canada looks for individuals to create lasting memories and create amazing experiences for visitors, alongside Parks Canada employees.

Check out some of these potential opportunities.


Elk Island National Park is always on the lookout for the best nature, landscape and visitor shots. While volunteering, photographers are encouraged to develop their photography portfolios, and may be provided with opportunities to document a variety of park subjects, including people, nature and wildlife. Volunteer photographs may be used to support publications, as well as exhibits and display materials.

Citizen science

Record a bird sighting. Observe insects. Track invasive species. Throughout the year, volunteers generate meaningful, useful data that improves ecological understanding of the park. Join other curious, committed people whose small acts of conservation and discovery are making a big difference. Create all kinds of connections!

The iNaturalist mobile app is a great way to share discoveries of plants and animals with other nature enthusiasts. Once the app is downloaded to your phone, you can upload photos of plants and wildlife that you take while out on the trails into the iNaturalist Elk Island National Park project


Do you visit Elk Island National Park often? Do you want to contribute to the conservation of the park? Here is your chance to enjoy the great outdoors and help protect the park from invasive plants (weeds) that threaten the park!

Elk Island National Park is looking for volunteers who are willing to visit several times throughout the summer. Parks Canada specialists will work with you to provide training so that you are confident while volunteering. Once trained, you will volunteer independently at your adopted patch/trail throughout the summer as your time permits.

The main invasive plants volunteers will target in this program are:

  • White cockle
  • Burdock
  • Scentless chamomile
  • Yellow toadflax


  • Complete training to develop competence in plant identification, mechanical weed control, and safety procedures, as well as communication skills for when curious visitors chat with you.
  • Availability throughout the summer to visit and work in your adopted patch
  • Willingness to wear Parks Canada branded volunteer clothing

Volunteer duties:

  • Visit the adopted route or patch multiple times to mechanically control weeds. This could include cutting or pulling weeks, digging out entire plants with roots, or cutting and bagging flowers and seedheads
  • Fill out weed control forms when you work independently in your patch. This can be done electronically through an app
  • Use safety equipment provided and follow safety procedures

Know a friend who would be interested in volunteering with you? You can sign up as a small group to share the duties!

Partners in Elk Island National Park volunteering

Elk Island National Park works closely with a number of important partners. If interested in volunteering, these organizations may offer other opportunities within the park.

Friends of Elk Island Society

The Friends of Elk Island National Park undertake numerous projects, programs and special events that help support Elk Island National Park. Help out the Friends on a coming project and take volunteering to new heights. Email info@elkisland.ca for more information.

Additional Notes about Volunteering in Elk Island National Park
  • Volunteers are responsible for all of their own costs when travelling to and from Elk Island National Park
  • No accommodation is provided while volunteering at Elk Island National Park
  • International volunteers are responsible for ensuring they meet the proper requirements for their entry and stay in Canada. For more information, please consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Questions? Ideas? Contact us!

Sign up to be on the volunteer contact list or indicate area of interest for a specific volunteer role at benevoleselkisland-elkislandvolunteers@pc.gc.ca.

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