Get involved in conservation in the Canadian Prairies

Participate in these citizen science activities or volunteering opportunities on your next trip in Manitoba or Saskatchewan. As a visitor, you can help protect the nature of these precious places.

Fossil fever event

A woman and two children with trowels digging in gravel.

Got the fever? Fossil Fever? An exclusive opportunity to dig for a day with Royal Saskatchewan Museum Palaeontologists. Learn their techniques, help uncover and cast fossils, and discover the history of the 65.5 million-year-old dinosaur fossils found beneath the earth.


Grasslands National Park

Grab your binoculars

A common loon with its young on a lake.

Lend a biologist a helping hand! Watch out for loons and their young on lakes in the park and keep note of your observations. Your efforts will help strengthen the Canadian loon population as well as monitor the health of the ecosystem.


Prince Albert National Park

Record your nature observations

Zoomed-in image of a smartphone capturing a visual record of an insect hidden in vegetation.

Use the iNaturalist mobile app to record your plant or animal observations—anytime, anywhere. Every observation contributes to our knowledge of biodiversity.

Every act counts

Participants gather at the campground beach shelter to hear a talk about Parks Canada's species at risk restoration projects.

Learn how to act in nature and how to respect wildlife to keep these special places thriving for generations to come.

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