Learn to camp

Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site

Pioneer your family camping experience as you settle in for a night with your family and friends at the homestead.

Never been camping? Not sure where to get started?

Don’t worry. The Parks Canada Learn to Camp Program at Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site will help you start enjoying the great Canadian outdoors.

The Learn to Camp overnight camping experience 

Think you might want to experience the thrill of camping overnight but just need a helping hand? This event, hosted in July at Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site offers you the opportunity to learn how to plan and enjoy safe and successful camping trips.

Events feature workshops on various camping skills like how to set up a tent or outdoor cooking. Participants have the opportunity to enjoy fun interpretive programs and other Parks Canada activities that are fit for the whole family.

Come and experience the joy of camping!

Call 306-333-2116 to register.

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