Viewing live animals

Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site

Farm to fork: animals were an integral part of daily life for homesteaders and as such a variety of large and small farm animals live and work on the farm during the operating season demonstrating the traditional way of early prairie farming life. Staff love to share husbandry skills and stories about the animals while providing visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with these special animals.


Important guidelines for safe and respectful animal viewing

Please remember that the animals at Motherwell Homestead are not pets, but working farm animals with individual personalities. Before approaching any of the animals please ask staff for direction to keep both yourself and the animals safe and comfortable. Please respect closed gates, fences and other barriers.

Average viewing distances

  • three metres from large farm animals, and further if they are working or hooked to farm equipment unless directed otherwise by staff.
  • do not reach for faces or tails of the small animals such as pigs, goats or chickens
  • do not try to pet the large animals unless directed by staff,
  • follow direction carefully to keep both the animals and yourselves safe and comfortable

It is your responsibility to watch for defensive warning signals and react accordingly by pulling back. In general, stay back unless directed by staff to approach. Remember animals can feel uncomfortable if crowded.

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