Learn-to Camp

Start camping in safe and easy ways near you.

A group of people set up a tent in Montreal.

Learn-to Camp workshops and activities

Learn basic camping skills and start connecting to nature in Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Halifax.

Two children gaze at a campfire at Signal Hill National Historic Site.

Overnight experiences

Experience a night under the stars while learning introductory camping skills in a park or urban setting. Parks Canada staff will be there to guide you on your first overnight camping adventure.

Learn-to Camp with Parks Canada

Transcript [Text on screen: New to camping?] [A campsite extends in a forest clearing bordering a lake in autumn. Three people sit around a campfire at a short distance from a tent.] [Text on screen: Here's a new video series to get you started] [Three campers take their equipment out of the trunk of their car and carry it to their campsite. One holds a sleeping bag while the other two each hold a cooler.] [Text on screen: Learn to put up your tent] [Two of the campers rotate their tent's entrance towards the centre of the campsite and set it on a ground sheet.] [Text on screen: Easily start a fire] [Pieces of kindling wood form a hut around crumpled sheets of newspaper in a metal fire pit with cutouts of wild animals. One of the campers uses a barbecue lighter to ignite the newspaper.] [Text on screen: Pack a cooler like a boss] [Containers holding fresh food pile up in a cooler lined with ice blocks: sausages, ground beef, cheese, milk, mayonnaise, and yogurt drinks.] [Text on screen: And set up a tarp to keep you dry] [One camper throws a waterproof tarp over a rope stretched between two trees. Once installed, the tarp forms a roof over a picnic table.] [Text on screen: You'll be camping like a pro in no time] [Seated in folding chairs, the campers chat around the campfire. A bucket of water and a cooler sit on the ground nearby, while their tent stands at the back of the site.] [Text on screen: To learn more about the Parks Canada Learn-to Camp program, visit parkscanada.ca/learntocamp] [The Canada Wordmark.]

Ready, set, camp!

Never camped before? Don’t know where to start? Or maybe all you need is a refresher. Parks Canada’s Learn-to Camp program is here to help.

Learn-to Camp

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