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Fort Lennox National Historic Site

What to know before you visit

As announced in 2015, the Government of Canada will be investing 4.2 billion dollars over five years towards restoring the infrastructure of national historic sites, national parks and national marine conservation areas of Canada.

Since 2018, the Fort-Lennox National Historic is closed to the public for major conservation work. The investments in the historic buildings - chiefly in the Barrack, but also the Officers’ Quarters, Guardhouse and two magazines - are designed to allow Canadians to continue enjoying our rich history and heritage and to preserve this unique site for future generations. These investments will ensure that our past continues to have a future.

Major conservation work at Fort-Lennox National Historic Site

Transcript In the same way, the five outdoor stone chimney stacks will be entirely reconstructed. The outside walls of the barracks will not be left out: the grout between the stones will be remade and 495 masonry stones will be repaired. Others will be replaced by new ones cut from the same limestone as the originals. At every step, nothing will be left to chance in the effort to preserve the architectural integrity of the building. All of the barracks' windows will be painted. Some will need to be removed to replace cracked lintels and sills. Inside the building, some work has been planned, such as realigning displaced bricks and filling cracks. Conservation work at Fort-Lennox aims to ensure the building sustainability for the benefit of present and future generations, as well as to offer a brand new experience for visitors as early as 2020.

Infrastructure projects in Fort Lennox National Historic Site

The work was well executed in 2018 and 2019, but the unique geographic location (an island) and weather conditions affected the schedule.

In 2021, the discovery of structural problems in one area of the barracks also had an impact on the schedule. In order to make the necessary corrections, the site will not be accessible to the public in 2022 as the work will continue and will then allow the implementation of the new visitor experience offer. The site’s reopening has been moved to 2023.

Barracks like you've never seen before!

The fortification reopens in 2023.

*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of infrastructure projects underway in Fort Lennox National Historic Site. Only projects that may impact visitors are listed.

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