Historic site management

Fort Chambly National Historic Site

Objectives and interpretation themes

Fort Chambly National Historic Site is one of the oldest sites in Canada. It was formally declared a National Historic Park in 1921.

Here are some excerpts from the original 1979 management plan describing the objectives and the interpretation themes of the site.

The objectives of the site

The objectives of Fort Chambly National Historic Site were determined after evaluating the potential of the different resources while taking into account the policy adopted for national historic sites, the historical reason for the site's existence, its integration within the Canadian national park system and its regional context.

These objectives are defined as follows:

  • To preserve both the structures and vestiges associated with the evolution of the site from the 17th century to the present time;

  • To commemorate and to interpret the people, the milieu and the activity that fashioned the history of the site;

  • To contribute to the enhancement of the national and regional heritage.

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