Management Plan Implementation Annual Update, 2020

Fort Chambly National Historic Site

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Title: Fort Chambly National Historic Site — Management Plan Implementation Annual Update, 2020

Organization: Parks Canada Agency



The Fort Chambly National Historic Site Management Plan, created in 2018, sets out the long-term strategy for the site as well as how the site is administered. The mandate of Parks Canada is to protect and present significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage, and to foster public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of these places in ways that ensure their ecological and commemorative integrity for present and future generations.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the site was opened with a limited service offer from July 15 to September 30, 2020. Despite this, during opening hours, the fort welcomed 13,042 visitors. Fort Chambly Park, for its part, welcomed more than 40,000 visitors during the same time period. This number of visitors is lower than in previous years, in particular because of the cancellation of large-scale events due to the pandemic.

The purpose of this annual update is to share 2020 achievements with partners, stakeholders and the public.


Key strategy 1: An attractive, dynamic, and vibrant tourist destination


Diversify and regularly update the program to attract new visitors and encourage repeat visits.

Two new activities have been introduced: an interpretive tour of the cultural landscape and a smart phone historical quiz.


Broaden the site's thematic range to ensure that its different historical periods are presented.

A project for an archaeo-historical tour of the park is currently being developed.


Work together with Indigenous communities with links to the national historic site in order to honour and showcase their culture and their contributions to the site's history.

A new exhibit on the contribution of Aboriginal people to the history of the site is being created in collaboration with several First Nations.


The site uses digital and traditional media to strengthen its links with its target audience and enhance its visibility.

  • The site participated in the Tourisme Montérégie digital campaign.
  • The historic site produced 13 publications on social media, reaching 14,383 people.

Key strategy 2: A commemorated and preserved heritage site and an evocative cultural landscape adapted to the public’s needs


Develop and implement an integrated approach to cultural landscape management. This approach must reconcile the site's many uses as an area of historical significance, an urban park for daily enjoyment, a place for interpretation activities and events, and a natural environment to be protected.

The development of an integrated approach to cultural landscape management has been completed and will be implemented in the coming years.


Continue to ensure the protection of cultural resources.

Maintenance of the cultural resources at the national historic site is carried out on an ongoing basis by site staff.

Conclusion — next steps

Over the next few years, priority objectives for Fort Chambly National Historic Site will be continued development of new interpretive products, management of park events and attendance, and implementation of the cultural landscape plan.

These initiatives will support site conservation and reaffirm the commitment of Parks Canada to preserving and showcasing this important part of the country's history for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

In 2021, the national historic site will be open to the public. Sanitary measures will be put in place to ensure a safe visit. Parks Canada will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and adjust the site's service selection as required.

On the edge of the Fort, in the Fort Chambly park, a couple is reading on the red chairs. On the grass, a family is looking at the Richelieu River. Fort Chambly National Historic Site.

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