A 20 metre high lock

Carillon Canal National Historic Site

The massive, 200-tonne guillotine gate opens, the basin fills with water and the boat inside is raised or lowered 20 vertical metres in just 40 minutes. And all this in a tranquil rural setting.

The lock opens a 200 tonne guillotine gate!
The lock opens a 200 tonne guillotine gate!
From mid-May to mid-October

Locking mechanisms fascinated Leonardo da Vinci, and with good reason. These hydraulic structures and the ingenious inflow of water generated by the dams allowed massive ships to travel further inland from cities, navigating an otherwise impassable river.

To witness this impressive manoeuvre, go to the Carillon lock, part of a network of canals linking Montreal to Ottawa, and add a visit to a huge hydroelectric power station while you’re there.

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