Lockage and navigation

Carillon Canal National Historic Site

Itineraries and experiences

Come explore the Carillon Canal National Historic Site. There's plenty to enjoy, from parks and museums to water sports tours.

Overnight mooring

Spend the night at the Carillon Canal and enjoy the various attractions around the canal for a small price. Discover the rates and the details to plan...

Visitors to Canada

Visitors to Canada

A 20 metre high lock

From mid-May to mid-October, cross a 20-metre drop at the Carillon lock. An impressive manoeuvre to watch!

Today, Canada's waterways offer a fascinating navigation experience and many opportunities for discovery.

Come aboard and enjoy sailing the Parks Canada canals!

Major work to rehabilitate the structural components of the vertical door is scheduled for this summer, allowing Parks Canada to open the canal to boaters by the end of August 2020. Consult that alternative route to sail from Montréal to Ottawa. 

a boat on the lock at Carillon

Circuits and itineraries

On the Ottawa River, the imposing structures of the Carillon Canal National Historic Site and of the Hydro-Québec power plant are an impressive site to see. The only one of its kind in North America, the Carillon lock has a guillotine gate that is opened by a counterweight of almost 200 tonnes.

boats entering lock at Carillon

Overnight mooring

Everyone knows Parks Canada’s waterways for the beauty of their surroundings and for the memorable and safe navigation experience that they offer. Did you know that an overnight stay there is also possible?

Parks Canada staff helping a boat to moor

Locking through safely

Have a look at the procedures and safety precautions to take when locking through: approaching an historic canal, into the lock and exiting the lock.

An american and a canadian flag

Visitors to Canada

Learn how to travel across Canada aboard a private boat: customs reporting, points of entry, operator competency, safety equipment and many useful resources.

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