Activities and experiences

Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site

Hike the trails and wonder at the ruins in the spectacular setting of St. Joseph Island.


  • A man with binoculars 

    Bring your life list and start spotting!

  • Two children exploring a stone ruin. 
    Explore the ruins

    Check out the mysterious chimney, an iconic feature of the site whose presence cannot be explained through archaeological investigations.

  • Two bicycles leaning against two chairs. 
    Hiking and cycling

    Our trails are great for hikers and cyclists alike.

  • Two people holding GPS units. 

    Geocaching is a fun and rewarding outdoor adventure that combines hiking and treasure hunting.

  • Two people sitting in red chairs. 
    Red chairs

    A red chair offers you a place to relax and truly discover the best that Parks Canada has to offer.

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