Visitor centre

Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site

When visiting Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site, the visitor centre is your first stop on a trip to the past. There, you will be greeted by friendly Parks Canada staff members who will give you an introduction and orientation to the site. You can proceed through the centre’s museum, where several artefacts found on site are displayed. You can also  inspect dioramas exhibiting some of the more prominent historical figures of Fort St. Joseph, all before making your way up to the ruins of the fort.

From here, you can view the stone ruins of nine buildings which made up the fort as well as still-buried subterranean huts and a blacksmith's shop. Each stone ruin is well interpreted with panels that tell the history and stories of these once magnificent buildings. After visiting the ruins, return to the visitor centre where you have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs, beverages, ice cream and snacks in the well-stocked Fort St. Joseph gift shop.

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