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Port-Royal National Historic Site

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Guidelines for filming and photography projects for commercial and documentary purposes.

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This management plan provides strategic direction for achieving Parks Canada’s mandate at the national historic sites of Southwest Nova Scotia.


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On the rich shores of Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Basin, Port-Royal’s Habitation was one of North America’s oldest European settlements. From 1605 to 1613 French colonists including Samuel de Champlain lived in this fortified compound, forging ties with the Mi’kmaq who welcomed them to their territory and who helped them survive.

Because of its historical significance, the Habitation’s cluster of adjoining hewn timber buildings with an enclosed courtyard and surrounding palisade was reconstructed in 1939 using early 17th century building techniques.

Step into the daily life of a frontier colony; explore the gentlemen’s quarters, trading and store rooms, bakery, kitchen and forge, filled with period furnishings and tools. Learn skills from the early 1600s. Spend time experiencing a remarkable and realistic glimpse of life within an early French outpost on what was, to Europeans, a little known continent.

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