Activities and experiences

Port-Royal National Historic Site

Step into the unique environment of a reconstructed early 17th century French colony to learn about the beginnings of European colonization and settlement, and the French settlers’ important and friendly relationship with the Mi’kmaq. Interact with costumed interpreters who answer questions about the daily lives and skills of the Habitation’s residents.

An interpreter dressed in period costume.

Guided tour

Transport yourself back in time to 1605 to get a unique glimpse of what life was like in the Habitation.

A fiddler and a costumed interpreter.

Traditional Music Thursdays at Port-Royal

Join us for a diversity of live music inside the timeless space of the Port-Royal Habitation!

Parks Canada Perfect Picnic

We partnered with local restaurants on a Perfect Picnic! Pick up a ready-made lunch and let nature design your dining space.

The Good Cheer Trail

Pick up a Taste of Nova Scotia Good Cheer Trail passport and have it stamped at Port-Royal!

Visitors enjoying the view of the river from the red chairs.

Red chairs

Take in the spectacular view of the Annapolis River and Basin!

Two children trying on costumes with the xplorer booklet.

Parks Canada Xplorers

Children complete activities in the booklet and become an official Xplorer with a certificate and a special limited edition souvenir!

Explore the Habitation at Port-Royal! | Parks Canada


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Port-Royal National Historic Site, Port-Royal, Nova Scotia. [The Port-Royal Habitation on the banks of the Annapolis River.]

Port-Royal National Historic Site, Port-Royal, Nova Scotia. [An interpreter in period costume beckons into the Habitation.]

[A split-screen shows a child watching as an interpreter dressed as the Governor points at a map.]

[A man and woman enjoy a Parks Canada Perfect Picnic in front of Port-Royal National Historic Site.]

[Visitors and costumed interpreters sit in the Port-Royal dining room and raise their cups.]

[A close-up of a child talking to interpreters in the dining room.]

[The child and a interpreter laugh as they use a mortar and pestle in the Port-Royal kitchen.]

[The child runs through the upperd domitory of the Habitation.]

[The family looks through a window in the upper dormitory of the Habitation.]

[Costumed interpreters stand in the Port-Royal Habitation, their backs to the camera.]

[The family sits in Parks Canada red chairs outside the Port-Royal Habitation. The camera rapidly zooms out and reveals the Annapolis River in front of them, then the video fades to black.]

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Animated Canada wordmark.

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