Culture and history

Melanson Settlement National Historic Site

A rich history

The Melanson Settlement was an Acadian family settlement in the former Port-Royal area.

Where the Acadian families lived

Melanson settlement to Paradise.

The Mi’kmaq and the Acadians

The Annapolis Basin and its shoreline are located in Kespukwik.

List of family names at Port-Royal in Acadie and along the Rivière du Dauphin before the Great Upheaval (1755)

The Fédération des Associations de Familles Acadiennes (FAFA) researched the names of families.

Dykeland agriculture

Dykeland farming began in Nova Scotia in the 1630s.

Interview with an Historian: Revelations from a 17th century Acadian settlement

Interview with Brenda Dunn (historian and author).

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