Archaeological features

Melanson Settlement National Historic Site

Your help is needed

The archaeological remains of the Melanson settlement are important cultural resources.

Please help us preserve all areas intact and undisturbed.

It is illegal to collect historic or natural objects from national parks and national historic sites.

If you believe you have found something significant, leave the item in place and report your finding to Parks Canada. Please leave these natural items for others to enjoy.

Why is this place special?

The Melanson settlement portrays the family-based character of Acadian communities before the Deportation.This site provides an excellent illustration of their agricultural practices which were unique in North America.

An unusual amount of historical and archaeological evidence exists about this site. French and British engineers recorded the settlement on several 18th century maps and plans. The archaeological remains are extensive, and largely untouched. Thanks to history and archaeology, we can identify properties with precision.

The most common archaeological features on this site are rectangular depressions with grass-covered mounds. These are usually collapsed chimneys or ovens. The large and small circular mounds are likely what remains of dovecotes, outbuildings,pigsties, wells and mills.

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