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Melanson Settlement National Historic Site

Stroll the path through shady green trees to reach the lookout over what used to be the Melanson Settlement, a close-knit community of families and neighbours farming together on the dykeland. See original artwork on interpretive panels to learn more about the life that was once lived here.

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Situated on uplands along the Annapolis River, this open field is the pre-Deportation site (circa 1664) of an Acadian settlement established by Charles Melanson dit La Ramée and his wife, Marie Dugas. The site reveals patterns of dyke-land agriculture and settlement that, although unique in North America, were common throughout the Port-Royal area and in other parts of Acadia.

A short loop trail (193 m) guides the visitor from the parking lot to a lookout where the uplands, marsh, and river are all visible.

Look down to the rivière Dauphin (Annapolis River) and the marais de Saint-Charles (Queen Anne Marshe).

See original artwork on interpretive panels which explain more of the importance of Melanson Settlement and of the life that was once lived here.

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