Safety and guidelines

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Be prepared and stay safe while enjoying your visit! Review important bulletins, weather conditions, and visitor guidelines.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Learn how COVID-19 may affect your visit.

Important bulletins

Important announcements, notifications, and active superintendent orders.

Visitor guidelines

Visitor rules, drones, photography, film, fireworks, dogs on leash.

The Halifax Citadel is a 19th-century fortification with steep masonry walls surrounded by a dry ditch up to 9 metres deep.

To have a safe visit, please observe the following:

Site requires all young children to be under close adult supervision at all times.

The top of all earthen walls, stone inner walls, and gun openings are “do not enter” spaces based on the high level of falling risk they present, especially when wet.

Watch out for low doorways, steep stairways, water gutters, and uneven ground and floors.

Winter safety

Be careful when using the grounds at this time of year as snow and ice-covered surfaces can be slippery. Winter maintenance of the grounds is limited. Some areas of the fort may be inaccessible. Proceed with caution.

The Ramparts (upper level) are closed in winter, unless weather permits them to be open.

The Dry Ditch (lower level) is closed from November to May.

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