Stewardship and management

Riel House National Historic Site

A black cross stands as a sign of grief on the roof of the quaint white house near the Red River that was once home to the Riel family. Step into spring 1886, six months after Métis champion Louis Riel was executed for his role in leading the North-West Resistance.

Riel House National Historic Site of Canada Management Statement, 2021

Read about how Parks Canada is protecting Riel House National Historic Site today and in the future.

Commercial Film and Photography

Want to film or photograph at Riel House? Learn about Parks Canada’s fees and procedures.


Find out more about the Louis Riel Institute and the Manitoba Métis Federation.


Learn how to contact Riel House by phone, email, letter and in case of emergency.

Learn how Indigenous and European cultures blend together in the Métis. Explore the gardens and the river lot system of farming that once took place here. Take a self-guided tour to learn more about the man who died to protect his community’s interests. Then step inside the Riel family home where traditional rawhide-strung chairs and homespun cloth sit alongside store-bought items such as lamps and clocks.

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