Commercial Film and Photography Guidelines

Riel House National Historic Site

Travel back to the home of the Riel family and immerse yourself in Métis culture at Riel House National Historic Site. Discover the Métis river lot system of farming, venture through the garden and explore the traditional furniture throughout the home. Restored to its 1886 appearance, tour this house in mourning, and note the unusual luxuries throughout such as a private bedroom, fine china and ornate mirrors. More than 840 artifacts on site recount the story of the Riel-Lagimodière family, and the day-to-day living necessities of that time.

Riel House National Historic Site boasts unparalleled film, photographic and recreational possibilities which leave visitors feeling re-energized and inspired to return. To care for this site and ensure visitor experiences are not impacted, commercial film and photography activities have special considerations.

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