Culture and history

Riel House National Historic Site

Follow the curves of Winnipeg’s Red River south to Riel House National Historic Site. Delve deep into the world of Métis freedom fighter and father of Manitoba, Louis Riel.

The Métis

Information on Métis life, including the Buffalo Hunt and the Métis language.

Indigenous Languages

Learn about the importance of Indigenous languages in Treaty No. 1 territory, including Riel House.

175 Riel

Learn about the life of Métis leader Louis Riel and why Manitoba celebrates him with a holiday each February.

Red River Resistance

Learn how Manitoba became a province because of the Métis rebellion led by Louis Riel.

Historic themes

Learn more about Louis Riel and his family in the Red River Settlement and the province of Manitoba.

Artifacts at Riel House

Learn more about Manitoba’s history through historic objects at Riel House.


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