Frequently asked questions

The Forks National Historic Site

1. Where at The Forks National Historic Site can I have my wedding ceremony?

There are a number of locations on Parks Canada property that are suitable for a wedding ceremony. The Amphitheatre overlooking the St. Boniface Cathedral is by far the most popular. However, there are several other lovely areas available depending on your needs. Parks Canada and the staff of The Forks National Historic Site would be happy to show you a number of options.

2. How many chairs does the Amphitheatre hold?

The Amphitheatre platform can hold a maximum of 120 folding chairs. However, many more people can be accommodated seated or standing on the limestone area around the platform or standing on the platform itself. Many couples choose to bring only a few chairs for guests who need to sit. Other locations on site can accommodate varying numbers of guests.

3. When do I need to reserve my date, and do you take a deposit?

The Forks has become a very popular wedding ceremony location in the last few years and Saturdays in the summer usually book up about a year in advance. It is recommended that you book the location as soon as you set your date to avoid disappointment. A portion of your total event fees will be paid at the time of your preliminary site visit as a non-refundable deposit.

4. What happens in case of rain or flooding?

Unfortunately, Parks Canada does not have a covered area that can be used for your wedding ceremony in case of rain. Most reception venues will allow you to use their space as a backup ceremony location in the case of inclement weather. Parks Canada strongly recommends you have an alternate location not only in case of rain but any kind of inclement weather. The Amphitheatre is prone to flooding in May/June and can flood at any time of year. In that case, Parks Canada would be happy to host your ceremony at an alternate location on site. If you do not have your ceremony at The Forks due to inclement weather or flooding, you will not be charged the remainder of the rental fees, though your reservation deposit will not be refunded.

5. Will the general public be allowed in the area while my ceremony is going on?

The location of the ceremony is reserved for your exclusive use during your ceremony, and Parks Canada will do its best to ensure only your guests access the designated area. A Parks Canada staff person will be on hand in case of any confusion. However, The Forks is a public place and as such we cannot guarantee the same level of privacy as an indoor location.

6. Do you have security for my chairs and other items?

Parks Canada cannot be responsible for your personal or rental property while it is on our site. We recommend you designate a family member or friend to be on site during the items’ arrival and stay there until they are removed.

7. Do you provide chairs and other rental items?

Parks Canada does not have any chairs or other items available for rent. You will need to arrange for anything you require (chairs, sound system, aisle runners, flowers, etc.) through one of several independent companies in Winnipeg.

8. Do you provide electricity for my sound system?

There is electricity available at the Amphitheatre and at several other locations on site. We would be happy to show you the locations that have electrical access.

9. Can I have a rehearsal before the wedding?

You can have a rehearsal prior to the wedding. You must inform Parks Canada of your rehearsal date and time to ensure the space is available.

10. When can I set up for my ceremony?

Most couples find that beginning to set up 1.5 to 2 hours before their ceremony is adequate. This minimizes the amount of time your items are outside but gives you enough time to set up what you need.

11. Can I drive my limo onto the site?

A limited number of vehicles are permitted to drive right to the location of your ceremony, including a vehicle or two for the bridal party, delivery vehicles dropping off supplies for the wedding, and one or two vehicles for guests with mobility challenges. Vehicles carrying the bridal party are permitted to park on the site for the duration of the ceremony and picture taking only.

12. Do you have parking for my guests?

Unfortunately Parks Canada does not have any parking areas. We recommend your guests park in the general parking lots and comply with parking fees and rules. If you would like reserved parking for your guests, The Forks Renewal Corporation can arrange this for a fee, provided there are no large events happening.

13. Do you allow confetti, rose petals or other items to be scattered?

Parks Canada does not allow confetti, rose petals or any other items to be thrown. Following the ceremony, the site must be left in the condition in which it was found. Additional cleaning fees may be applied if garbage or other materials are left at the site. Having guests blow bubbles, twirl streamers or ring bells are some recommended alternatives.

14. Do you allow pets to be part of the ceremony?

Pets are welcome to be part of your ceremony provided they are on a leash no longer than three (3) metres long at all times and you clean up after them.

15. Is there a fee to take pictures?

There is no fee to take pictures at The Forks National Historic Site of Canada. We just ask that you are respectful of other site users and the site itself.

16. Are there washrooms on site?

There are washrooms located in the Orientation Circle, a short walk from the Amphitheatre.

17. Will there be other events happening at The Forks on my wedding day?

The Forks is a very busy place with many events year-round. Parks Canada will inform you of any known events on your proposed date. However, there are many landowners at The Forks, and some events may even be booked on short notice, after you have booked your wedding. Parks Canada will not book an event on our property that will conflict with your wedding. Please be aware that other events may be booked in areas not administered by Parks Canada.

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