Commercial film and photography guidelines

Fort Langley National Historic Site

All commercial filming and photography at the national historic site requires a film or photography permit.

Fort Langley National Historic Site is a 19th century Hudson’s Bay Company trading post managed by Parks Canada. The site is located in Fort Langley village, a popular film location on the south bank of the Fraser River in the Metro Vancouver region of BC. The site consists of a historic fort (12 wooden structures surrounded by a log palisade, a grassy orchard area, a parking lot with picnic area, and a wooded waterfront property.

To care for this amazing place and also ensure visitors’ experiences are not impacted, filming and photography activities have special considerations.


Submit this application (PDF, 1.67 MB) a minimum of four weeks prior to the intended film or photography activities to:

Lin Zou
Promotions Officer, Fort Langley National Historic Site
Applications will be assessed against Canada's National Parks Act, national historic site regulations and how the initiative would contribute to awareness, education, and appreciation of Parks Canada. When reviewing the application, Parks Canada may also consult with indigenous partners in whose traditional territory the filming and/or photography is proposed. If approved, a Film/Photography permit will be issued.

Note: Parks Canada reserves the right to refuse applications that are not in the best interest of the Agency or revoke permission if terms and conditions of the permit are violated.

We will provide a draft agreement. Work together with the Parks Canada liaison to adjust the details of your agreement, based on your needs and our site’s visitor needs and regulations. A site visit may be required.

Obtain comprehensive liability insurance naming “His Majesty the King in right of Canada as represented by Parks Canada Agency” as additional insured, indicating a combined limit of $2,000,000 per incident ($5 million/incident for larger productions), to be carried for the duration of the production on site.

At least three business days prior to your film date, supply:

  • Proof of insurance
  • Damage deposit of $1000 (refundable if no damage is incurred)
  • Payment written to the Receiver General for Canada, or by credit card
  • Signed agreement - your company must sign first, followed by the Parks Canada manager


Fee information for commercial film and photography at Fort Langley National Historic Site
Production crew size Application fee (non-refundable) Location fee (per day)
1-6 $153.30 $511.25
7-15 $383.50 $1022.75
16-30 $767.00 $1,533.75
31-99 $2,556.25 $2045.25
100+ $3067.75 $2556.25

Additional rental spaces at Fort Langley National Historic Site
Additional rental spaces (for parking or circus) Fee (per day)
Parking stall $10.25
Orchard area $521.00
Picnic shelter area $521.00
Waterfront area $521.00
Overtime, hourly, beyond agreed upon times $52.25

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