Fort Langley National Historic Site

Did you know?
  • Parks Canada offers free admission for one escort to accompany and assist a person with a disability.
  • Registered service animals are welcome within the site and historic buildings. Please ensure to have your Guide Dog and Service Animal Certification with you when visiting.

Fort Langley National Historic Site is a mix of beautiful reconstructions and original buildings. Enjoy exploring within the wooden palisade walls, where interactive displays and activities will take you back to the lives of the fort’s early inhabitants. Throughout the site, staff wearing Parks Canada uniforms or period costumes are always nearby to assist you.

The accessibility of the site for transit users is limited as it is a 700m walk from the closest bus stop to the historic site. The stop is located at 96 Ave and Glover Rd. Along the route from this stop to Fort Langley National Historic Site, there are sections that don’t have sidewalks.

Please contact us by phone or email ( if you would like to know more about transportation options, accessible activities and overnight accommodation. We will be happy to help you plan your visit.

Accessible amenities 


Two cars are parked in the accessible parking area. There is an access aisle between the vehicles.

There are six designated accessible parking stalls located close to the Visitor Center. The slope of some of the stalls exceeds 8%. In the fall and winter, trees surrounding the parking lot drop cones and other debris on the ground. This can make the ground uneven, which may be a hazard for those using mobility devices.


Visitor Center

A person in a wheelchair activates the automatic door opener outside the Visitor Center.

When you arrive at Fort Langley, you will enter through the Visitor Center. The Visitor Centre provides reception and information services while offering a magnificent view of the Fraser River. It also hosts exhibits and accessible washrooms. The Visitor Center door is automatic, and the exhibit space inside is level and spacious. Site brochures are available at the front desk.


Wheelchair loan

A black manual wheelchair in the Visitor Center.

There is a manual wheelchair at the Visitor Center available for loan free of charge.



A visitor staying at the accessible oTENTik descends the ramp in their wheelchair.

For a truly immersive experience, stay overnight at the Fort in one of the oTENTik accommodations. oTENTik #2 has a ramp and is located 25 m from an accessible washroom. For more information regarding accommodation at the Fort, visit the oTENTik page.



Interior of the accessible bathroom in the Visitors Centre

There are multi-stall male and female washrooms in the visitor center, as well as a single wheelchair accessible any-gender bathroom. The any-gender washroom has a changing table. There are also wheelchair accessible single use washrooms in the café. While the cafe is closed due to Covid-19, the washrooms are still open.


Rest and sheltered areas

A picnic table with extended top for wheelchair access.

Looking for a spot to sit and rest? Benches and picnic facilities are located near the parking lot. There is a covered picnic shelter available, as well as open picnic areas. In the shelter there is a picnic table that can accommodate a wheelchair. One of the picnic tables are designed to accommodate wheelchairs.


Accessible activities

Historic buildings

Two adults and a child explore the Storehouse exhibit. One of the adults is using a wheelchair. Behind them, a collection of furs hangs from the exhibit wall.

The historic buildings host a range of exhibits. These include a barrel making activity in the Cooperage, a variety of traded goods like furs and blankets in the storehouse, and forged items in the Blacksmith Hut. 

All of the historic buildings that are above grade have a ramp for access. Some of the ramps are steep and/or do not have handrails. 

Access routes through the fort are smooth and paved. Pathway slopes vary, with a maximum slope of 8.5%.


Children's activities

A group of children dip pans into a basin filled with water and river sediment at the gold panning activity.

From trading salmon and cranberries in the play area to learning to gold pan, there are a variety of activities available on site for children. A dedicated toddler area provides a safe, interactive space for your youngest children to explore. To learn more, visit the Children’s activities page.

The indoor spaces at the site are often very busy. If you or your child needs a break from the crowds, head outdoors to the seating around the center fire pit. This low-traffic area is a great spot to relax and recharge.


Know before you go

Palisade walls

The palisade staircase is made from dark wood and has a rustic appearance.

The palisade walls are only accessible via a steep wooden stairway with handrails on both sides. The wooden palisade walkway is even and level. Be cautious on rainy days as the wooden boards become slippery when wet.


Sounds and scents

A cooper in period costume is demonstrating the traditional barrel-making process.

There are loud sounds in some of the buildings, such as the clang of the anvil in the Blacksmith Hut, and the scraping of wood being carved in the Storehouse. There is a strong smell of smoke from the fire in the Blacksmith Hut.



An on leash dog standing over a stick.

We understand and appreciate that your pet is an important member of your family. Pets are permitted outside the fort walls but must be on a leash at all times. Pets are not permitted inside the historic fort walls, the Visitor Centre or the historic buildings.

The Township of Langley has several designated Off-Leash Areas. The closest is located in Walnut Grove, on the corner of 213th Street and 96th Avenue. In the City of Langley, you may use the park at the corner of 206th Street and 44th Avenue.

In addition, there are Off-Leash Areas in the following Greater Vancouver Regional District Parks: Derby Reach Regional Park, Campbell Valley Regional Park, and Aldergrove Lake Regional Park. For more information, visit Metro Vancouver Parks.


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