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Welcome to Parks Canada’s resource for travel media.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Parks Canada’s Travel Media Relations team is here to provide opportunities for you to get that perfect film or photo in order to share with your audience the amazing places and experiences that we have to offer.

Travel media representatives who wish to order photos or video from the Parks Canada collection for use in media publications should contact the Travel Media Relations team at

If you wish to visit Parks Canada places in person and undertake a film or photo shoot, you may require a film/photo permit, or you may simply need to register your project. This will depend on the scale of your project.

Do I Need a Film/Photo Permit or Project Registration?

Most small-scale projects only require project registration, rather than a film/photo permit. Your project is considered “small-scale” if your project meets all of the following criteria.

  • Project is intended to inform audiences about the work of Parks Canada and/or to promote visitation to Parks Canada places.
  • Crew size is of six people or fewer (including models or other talent).
  • Equipment is limited to cameras, tripods, microphones, or other hand-held equipment.
  • Activities remain in areas open to the public and during normal operating hours only.
  • Adheres to all laws and regulations.
  • No drones are used.

If you meet these criteria, fill out the Small-Scale Travel Media Film and Photo Project Registration form.

If your project does not meet the criteria of a small-scale shoot, you must apply for a film/photo permit by contacting or the Parks Canada place you want to shoot in. Fees may apply.

Registering your small-scale travel media film and photo project

  • Registration forms may be submitted directly to the Field Unit where an existing relationship exists. Alternatively, it may be submitted to the National Office Travel Media Relations team at

  • We recommend you register your shoot at least 20 business days in advance to avoid surprises in the rare case that your project poses operational challenges. Please note that registering your project does not exempt it from standard visitors’ fees; this decision remains at the site’s discretion.

  • The guide to film/photo shoots at Parks Canada is available to assist you with conducting your film and photo activities. You may also contact the Parks Canada location where you plan to shoot for more specific inquiries.

We look forward to working with you, and we’ll see you soon!

Travel media are a key partner in showcasing our beautiful national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas. Contact us for travel tips, best dates and times to avoid crowds, and hidden gems and unique locations within our sites.

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