Day trips from Québec City

There are plenty of must-see places to explore within an hour of Québec City. Wander through the charming Historic District of Old Québec, discover what’s hidden beneath the famous Dufferin terrace or visit Grosse-Île quarantine station. Look no further, let these can’t-miss visits inspire your next outing!

Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site
The only remaining fortified city north of Mexico.
  • Driving: 5 minutes
  • Transit: 5 minutes
Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site
The official residence and seat of power of governors from 1620 to 1834.
  • Drive: 5 minutes
  • Transit: 10 minutes
Lévis Forts National Historic Site
The last in a series of three detached forts in Québec City’s defensive system.
  • Drive: 35 minutes
  • Transit: 1 hour
Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site
Where Jacques Cartier first met the St. Lawrence Iroquois, and the first Jesuit missionaries' residence in Québec.
  • Driving: 10 minutes
  • Transit: 30 minutes
Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site
A quarantine station and main gateway into Canada from 1832 to 1937.
  • Drive: 50 minutes

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