Commercial Film and Photography Guidelines

With two national parks and seven national historic sites spread throughout the province, Parks Canada administered sites in Manitoba offer an array of settings for commercial film and photography projects.

From a storied meeting place at The Forks to Hudson’s Bay Company landmarks at Lower Fort Garry, York Factory and Prince of Wales Fort, or Red River Métis history at Riel House to the Anglican Church’s legacy at St. Andrew’s Rectory, these places tell the story of the past’s influence on the present day.

From the biological diversity of Riding Mountain National Park to the vast landscape of Wapusk National Park, these sites present environmental conservation in action.

To care for these sites and ensure visitor experiences are not impacted, commercial film and photography activities have special considerations.

How to apply

Commercial film and photography activities require approval by Parks Canada. A Parks Canada Film and TV Request Form must be completed in full and submitted a minimum of 15 days prior to the intended commercial film/photography activities to allow sufficient time for evaluation.

Please be sure to follow all park regulations while photographing or filming in the Parks Canada places. Consult the Guide to film/photo shoots at Parks Canada for rules relating to small-scale travel media film/photo shoots.

To apply, fill out the online form.

Parks Canada Photography Request Form
Parks Canada Film and Television Request Form

What we look for

Applications are assessed against Canada's National Parks Act, National Parks General Regulations and the project’s potential contribution to public awareness, appreciation and understanding of Canada’s national parks and Parks Canada. Parks Canada reserves the right to deny applications that do not support Parks Canada’s mandate, values and operating principles.

If applications are approved, a film/photography permit will be issued.

Insurances and fees

Proof of comprehensive liability insurance policy must be received by Parks Canada in order for application to be complete.

Please note that a non-refundable application fee may apply. Fees are assessed based on the scope, location and crew size associated with the project. Discounts may apply once the nature of the proposal has been evaluated.

Aerial filming

Usage of aircraft, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/drones) are restricted under the Canada National Parks Act and National Parks of Canada Aircraft Access Regulations.

Supplementary information governing the use of UAVs in Canada can be found through the National Parks of Canada Aircraft Access Regulations, and the Aeronautics Act.

Additional information and/or permissions are required for all aerial filming requests. Further direction from Parks Canada will be provided upon receipt of aerial filming requests.

Production Crew Size Application Fee (per project) Location fee (per day)
1 to 6 $160.00 $532.25
7 to 15 $399.25 $1064.75
16 to 30 $798.50 $1596.75
31 to 99 $2661.25 $2129.25
100 + $3193.75 $2661.25
Other fees may be applicable.

Contact us

Lauren Wagn
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Public Relations and Communications Officer, Manitoba Field Unit
Phone number: 431-996-6758

Interested in filming or taking photos in Riding Mountain National Park? Contact:

Shane Robins
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Promotions and Non-Personal Media Officer, Riding Mountain National Park
Phone number: 204-848-7275

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