Kluane National Park and Reserve


Much of Kluane National Park & Reserve has a dry, cold continental climate, though south-eastern portions of the Park are subject to coastal influences, including more precipitation. Because of its location north of the 60th parallel, summers are generally warm, with long hours of daylight (up to 19 hours), while winters are long and dark (as little as 4 hours of daylight).

  • Mean temperature in June: 11°C (52° F)
  • Mean temperature in January: -21°C (-6°F) 

Mountain Weather

Mountain weather is highly unpredictable. It can change quickly and/or vary greatly from one location to another. At higher elevations the temperature is generally colder and the weather is more unpredictable. Rain or snow can fall at any time of the year and freezing temperatures are possible even during the summer. The best way to deal with the weather is to prepare for all conditions.

For a detailed weather forecast, check at one of the visitor centres, call 867-668-6061 for a weather report, or check the online Environment Canada forecast.

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