Google Street View

Kluane National Park and Reserve

You can now pay a virtual visit to Kluane National Park and Reserve via Street View for Google Maps. There is lots to discover at the click of a finger!

To take a Street View tour of Kluane National Park and Reserve:

  • Drag the "pegman" over the map to reveal the blue-coloured Street View trajectories ready for you to explore.
  • Zoom in or out if required


Alsek Valley Trail
Auriol Trail
Bullion Plateau Trail
Kathleen Lake Campground/Trail
Kathleen Lake Day-Use Area
King's Throne Trail
Kokanee Trail
Rock Glacier Trail
Sheep Creek Trail
Shepherd's Knoll Trail
Soldier's Summit Trail
St. Elias Icefield / view of Mount Logan
St. Elias Lake Trail + Campground
Thechàl Dhâl' (Sheep Mountain) Ridge Route
Thechàl Dhâl' Center (exterior)
UNESCO World Heritage Site Lookout
Dezadeash River

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