School programs

Prince Albert National Park

Nature awaits you and your students! We invite you to book one of Prince Albert National Park’s guided school programs to introduce or reintroduce your students to the land. To book a school program or for more information, contact the Prince Albert National Park interpretation team at or call 306-663-4510. Bookings for spring school programs open 17 April 2023 and will close 1 May 2023. Programs are available for delivery from 31 May to 23 June 2023. All our school programs are available in French and English.

Underwater Critter Catch

Grade: 3 and 4

Join a Parks Canada interpreter on the shore of Waskesiu Lake, within walking distance of the Prince Albert National Park Visitor Centre, for a guided dip-netting experience. Use nets to catch macro-invertebrates and learn to identify different species and their unique adaptations and behaviours. Lean down and examine the tiny creatures you catch, some with no legs and some with far too many! A world of diversity awaits!
Length: 60 minutes
Program cost per group: See prices

Waskesiu River Crawl

Grade: 4 to 6

Explore the river’s edge alongside a Parks Canada interpreter. From the shoreline, students will investigate the various habitats and communities found along the edge of the Waskesiu River. Students will use dip nets and magnifying glasses to get a closer look at the many small creatures that live in and around the water. Students will partake in a guided hike along part of the Waskesiu River Trail to explore the communities along the water’s edge that often go unnoticed and unseen. This program is an outdoor adventure in which students use all five senses to explore the river’s edge and discover the interconnections between the land and the adjacent water.
Length: 1.5 hours
Program cost per group: See prices

Aquatic Diversity

Grades: 7 to 12

Learn how a water environment creates both challenges and opportunities for life at the Waskesiu River. Discover the diversity and interactions in the water and the adjacent riparian zone by stepping into hip waders and examining the creatures that live just below the water’s surface.
Length: 2 hours
Program cost per group: See prices

Guided Hikes

Grades: various

Join a Parks Canada interpreter and hit the trail! A variety of guided hikes are available depending on trail conditions and your group’s needs. These are heads down, butt-up kinds of guided hikes to reconnect your students to the land and the natural communities that live here. A guided hike in bison territory in the Valleyview trail network on the West Side of the park (closer to Big River or Debden) is available for a limited number of days.
Length: 1.5 hours
Program cost per group: See prices

Nature Centre

The Nature Centre has a series of self-guided, interactive displays on the natural and cultural history of Prince Albert National Park. The building is closed to the public on weekdays during the spring but you can book to use the space especially for your group.
Length: 60 minutes
Program cost per group: See prices

Experience the Park on Your Own

School groups are also free to explore the park at their own pace! There are numerous short trails, scenic view points, and picnic areas including fire pits available to any member of the public. For recommendations of what may be a good fit for your group, contact the Visitor Centre at 306-663-4522 or
Cost: Park entry is free to all students, teachers, chaperones, and bus drivers as long as more than half the group is 17 years of age or younger. If a post-secondary group, commercial rates or family/group rates apply.

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