Prince Albert National Park

Entry and service fees are charged at most national parks and national historic sites, where revenues are kept to support visitor services and facilities. This means that every time you visit a park or site you are investing in its future — and in a legacy for future generations.

The following definitions apply to entry and service fee categories unless otherwise specified

Adult - Person 18 to 64 years of age
Senior - Person 65 years of age or over
Youth - Person 6 to 17 years of age
Family/Group - Up to seven people arriving in a single vehicle in a national park

Free admission for youth 17 and under




Adult$ 9.00
Senior$ 7.75
Family/Group$ 17.50
Commercial Group, per person$ 7.65

Annual Early Bird

Adult$ 35.00
Senior$ 30.50
Family/Group$ 87.25
January 1 to March 31.


Adult$ 43.50
Senior$ 38.25
Family/Group$ 87.25
Replacement (for lost or stolen) pass$ 16.50
To obtain a replacement pass, an original receipt or proof of purchase must be presented.

Parks Canada Discovery Pass

Adult$ 75.25
Senior$ 64.50
Family/Group$ 151.25

Duplicate Pass

Available to purchase as an addition to the Discovery and Local Annual Family/Group pass$ 16.50
To obtain a duplicate pass, please present, at the Visitor Centre, a photocopy of two valid vehicle registrations with the same address and the original pass.


One Night

Red Deer Campground - Water, sewer, and electrical$ 39.50
Beaver Glen - Electrical, with washroom building having toilets and showers$ 33.00
Sandy Lake - Primitive$ 17.50
Namekus Lake - Primitive$ 17.50
Overflow$ 17.50
Mid-June to Labour Day.

One Night - Shoulder Season

Red Deer Campground - Water, sewer, and electrical$ 33.00
Beaver Glen - Electrical with washroom building having toilets and showers$ 26.50
Sandy Lake – Primitive$ 14.50
Namekus Lake – Primitive$ 14.50

Narrows Campground

Unserviced with washroom building having toilets only, per night$ 24.00
Unserviced with washroom building having toilets only, weekly$ 141.75
Unserviced with washroom building having toilets only, monthly$ 522.50

Diversified Accommodation

oTENTik, per night$ 133.25

Group Camping

Per Person, per night, without showers$ 5.50


Fireplace Permit

Per Permit$ 10.50


Backcountry Fees

Per person, per night$ 13.50
Per person (annual)$ 94.50
Per youth, per night$ 6.75
Per child, per night (ages 5 and under)free
Random Backcountry Fee, per person, per night (all ages)$ 7.50


Per Permit

Daily$ 13.50
Annual$ 46.25


School Programs

Waskesiu River Crawl, per group$ 213.00
Underwater Citter Catch, per group$ 142.25
Aquatic Diversity, per group$ 182.50

Enhanced Programs

Wolf Willow Seed Bead Teachings, per person (Feb. 24, 2024)$ 32.62
Snowshoe Stomp, per person$ 23.00
Guided Hike, per group$ 212.75
Guided Stargazing, per group$ 146.75
Guided Stargazing, per person$ 15.00
Fire Lighting, per person$ 15.50
Nature Centre School Visit$ 78.00



Online Reservation, Modification or Cancellation$ 11.50
Reservation, Modification or Cancellation by phone$ 13.50


Dog and Cat Licences

Spayed or Neutered Animal (dog or cat)$ 21.50
Unneutered Male (dog or cat)$ 32.25
Unspayed Female Cat$ 64.25
Unspayed Female Dog$ 133.00
In the park for more than 30 days in any year.

Free admission for youth 17 and under

As of January 1, 2018, admission to Parks Canada places for youth 17 and under is free! There’s no better time to create lasting memories with the whole family.


What is free?

Admission to all national parks, national historic sites, and national marine conservation areas operated by Parks Canada will be provided free of charge.

Free admission for youth only applies to places managed by Parks Canada. It does not apply to provincial parks, territorial parks, municipal and private parks, nor to the many historic sites not managed by Parks Canada.

Please refer to the full list of Parks Canada places before you plan your visit to take advantage of free admission for youth.

What is not free?

Parks Canada is pleased to offer free admission for youth at our parks and sites, however regular fees still apply for other experiences and services, such as:

  • Camping, backcountry and other accommodations
  • Canadian Rockies Hot Springs
  • Northern Park Backcountry Camping and Excursion Permit
  • Lockage
  • Mooring
  • Reservation fees
  • Guided tours and hikes and programs not usually included with admission
  • Some special event fees
  • Firewood
  • Backcountry overnight use

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. Please verify with the location you will be visiting for more information.

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