Dog walking

Grasslands National Park

Big skies, wild flowers, trails galore, a great place for you and your dog to explore! Dogs can be a big part of the family and we want you to be able to enjoy the park with your whole family.

To ensure that your dog, other visitors and wildlife remain safe and comfortable please remember the following:

  • Please keep a leash on your dog at all times while at Grasslands National Park
  • Please keep pets away from prairie dog towns – for their safety and yours
  • Your furry friend may be as excited to be visiting as you, be extra watchful for wildlife such as snakes that blend easily into the surroundings, as well as cactus they could step on
  • Check your pet for ticks and burrs regularly
  • Pack extra water for your pet when leaving camp, it can be hot in some areas of the park

If you have any questions about bringing your pet please contact us

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