Badlands Parkway – East Block

Grasslands National Park

Open May 1 to October 31, 2024

Scenes from sunset along the Badlands Parkway in the East Block of Grasslands National Park.

This scenic road experience was carefully designed to provide you with outstanding vistas while protecting some of the very things that characterize this badlands landscape – unique habitats, rare and common wildlife species, hidden archaeological secrets and a timeless horizon.

The Parkway is an 11 km, single lane, paved road designed for two-way traffic. It rises and falls along an escarpment, much of it a historic trail, with westward views across a wild prairie expanse. Along the way, there are 20 pull-offs placed throughout to allow oncoming traffic to pass.

Six unique viewpoints overlooking the grasslands and badlands of Rock Creek highlight special features of this part of the park.


For your safety, and to help us protect this landscape, obey the following:

  • Share the road so that all users can enjoy the experience
  • Watch for wildlife, particularly during dawn and dusk. Snakes and lizards may bask on the road and birds may nest nearby
  • Stay on the road to avoid getting stuck or starting a wildfire from hot exhaust
  • Pay attention to the weather and be prepared for strong wind and rain events
  • Travel the speed limit or less to better enjoy the views and minimize collision risk
  • Park trailers at designated trailer parking prior to travelling the Parkway

The Parkway is designed and constructed to provide visitors with access to the park while ensuring it can be enjoyed for future generations. Follow these steps to help us care for this place:

Scenes from sunrise along the Badlands Parkway in the East Block of Grasslands National Park.
  • The Parkway is for day time visits only – camping is available at Rock Creek Campground nearby or in the park’s backcountry
  • Do not use old trails and roads so that we may restore them to important habitat
  • Washrooms are available at Rock Creek nearby

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