La Mauricie National Park

Did you know that forest covers 93% of the park’s territory?

The composition of the forest clearly shows that the park is part of the sugar maple-yellow birch forest area, a group that is almost always found on the sunny side of hills and on thick and well-drained soils. These two species are to be found throughout, except on escarpments where the soil is thin and in the damp shallows of the valleys. In these areas pine, fir and spruce dominate and form a different woodland composition. Further northward, there are more and more stands of fir and less and less of maple, a sign that the boreal forest is not far away. 

The forest has also been diversified by the implantation of transitional groups of tree species as a result of forest fires, tree diseases, insect infestations and former logging operations. These transitional groups become less frequent as the forest ages.

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