Fishing safety

Forillon National Park

The Grande-Grave wharf attracts many different types of users – e.g., fishers, divers, kayakers and pleasure-boaters. To ensure everyone’s safety, please follow the following rules:

  • Whenever a boat draws near the wharf, make sure your line is not in the channel.

  • Make sure you do not cast your line close to boats entering or exiting the harbour.

  • Oftentimes there are many people at the end of the piers, so be extra careful whenever you cast your line and avoid standing too close behind other fishers.

  • Whenever divers are present, please refrain from casting your line.

Catch limits and fishing regulations

  • The daily catch limit, including catch and releases, is ten (10) mackerel for any person fishing in Forillon National Park’s coastal waters;
  • At all times, it is forbidden to have more than ten (10) mackerel in one’s possession;
  • Each fisher may use no more than one fishing line with a single or triple hook;
  • If you wish to fish for a species of saltwater fish other than mackerel, make sure you know and comply with the applicable federal or provincial regulations.

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