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Parks Canada wishes to inform the public of its intention to grant a new Licence of Occupation for the whale watching cruise departing from Grande-Grave harbour in Forillon National Park.

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Forillon National Park of Canada Management Plan, 2022

Vision, key strategies and specific approaches for Grande-Grave and Cap-Bon-Ami

Grande-Grave Heritage Accommodation Project

Parks Canada is investing to preserve and enhance the heritage of families expropriated from Grande-Grave

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Drones or unmanned air vehicles (UAV)

Recreational use of drones in Forillon National Park is prohibited


As with the other Canadian national parks, Forillon National Park strives to protect and present the natural and cultural heritage of its territory; and allow the public to learn about, appreciate, and enjoy this heritage in a manner ensuring its ecological and commemorative integrity for the benefit of current and future generations.

Protection of resources
Forillon National Park preserves highly valuable natural and cultural resources.  In keeping with the objective of ensuring the integrity of ecological processes and cultural values, a range of research, restoration and monitoring programs have all come to constitute a cornerstone of park management. Indeed, the protection of resources is a vital component of today and tomorrow’s visitor experience.

Visitor experience
Visitors to the park should be able to enjoy an experience that awakens their senses, stirs their emotions, stimulates their minds and creates a bond with this very special place. Thanks to the sound management of the park’s human, material (i.e., infrastructure) et financial resources, as well as its programs, Forillon offers visitors opportunities to enjoy – in complete safety – quality experiences related to the protection of natural and cultural values. Protected areas such as Forillon National Park afford a wealth of memorable experiences and, for this reason, will preserve their relevance and enjoy strong support for their long-term maintenance. 

By fostering a special act with heritage areas, educational programs undeniably contribute to a rewarding visit experience. Educational programs help improve understanding of the value of a protected area and the serious challenges associated with maintaining its integrity.
Laws and regulations
Forillon National Park’s mandate is based on several pieces of legislation, such as :

  • the Canada National Parks Act (2000), which stipulates that “The National Parks of Canada are hereby dedicated to the people of Canada for their benefit, education and enjoyment” and “the parks shall be maintained and made use of so as to leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations” (sec. 4);
  • the Historic Sites and Monuments Act (1953), which sets out the process for designating national historic sites;
  • the Species at Risk Act (2002), whose implementation is the responsibility of Parks Canada as well as Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Environment Canada;
  • other federal laws and regulations, particularly those pertaining to the marine portion of Forillon National Park,
  • and the applicable provisions of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Management plan

Forillon National Park of Canada Management Plan, 2022






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