Outdoor playgrounds

Forillon National Park

Families will find playgrounds with both original and more traditional modules in each area of the park: North, South and Penouille. There are also play areas near the service buildings on loops A, B, C and D at the Petit-Gaspé campground.

A child is playing in a playground accompanied by a lady in a wheelchair and another sitting on a bench.

One of the most beautiful landscapes in the world!

Cap-des-Rosiers (North area)

At Cap-des-Rosiers, just a few steps from the Des-Rosiers campground, you'll find a play area with a fine gravel surface. It includes a zip line with ramps, a small cabin, rustic benches, picnic tables and a very funny spring fish! This playground enjoys an exceptional view of the gulf, mountains and Cap-Bon-Ami cliffs.

Nearby Nearby: campsite, beach, service building

Two girls play in a playground.

Welcome to the dynamic fishermen!

Recreation centre (South area)

In the South area, near the Petit-Gaspé recreation centre and campground, children can play at being sailors and pirates in maritime-themed play modules. Among other things, they can climb the net-iceberg, have fun on the wheelbarrow or the fish-on-springs, venture out on the big barge or explore the house, its slides and clothesline!

There are also the classic swings and, a few benches around the perimeter.

The surface is made of wood chip.

Nearby Nearby: swimming pool, restaurant, shop, laundry, campsites, beach

A playground with swings and little cabins for kids.

Games that never go out of style!


At the very tip of Penouille sand spit, behind the service building, little visitors can swing, explore the little huts, slides or swings under the watchful eye of their parents, who can enjoy a picnic area. Here again, the scenery is breathtaking: in front of the sandy beach opens up the inner basin of Bay of Gaspé and the salmon rivers that flow into it. At the back is a taiga with a winding path.

The surface of this play area is made of sand and lawn.

The play area is located at the end of the sand spit, 2 km from the Penouille parking lot. It can be accessed from the beach or from paved road shared by cyclists and pedestrians.

Nearby Nearby: service building, beach, La Taïga trail

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