The oTENTik tent

Forillon National Park

Pets are allowed in oTENTik units F-7 at Petit-Gaspé campground and B-101 at Des-Rosiers campground. All others accommodations do not accept pets.

Camping reservations

Outside of North America
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    The oTENTik tent

    Parks Canada’s oTENTik tents offer a unique combination of welcoming comfort and a hint of outdoor adventure. They’re ideal accommodations for families, friends and couples of all ages who want to discover the joys of camping but prefer the comfort of a bed and an already ready campsite.


    • Des-Rosiers Campground, North Area
    • Petit-Gaspé oTENTik Campground, South Area
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    An oTENTik at Des-Rosiers Campground

    Number of tents: 15

    Parks Canada oTENTik are equipped with a view to facilitating and simplifying the camping experience.

    On the site

    • Pit for campfires
    • Picnic table
    • 4 Adirondack chairs
    • Outdoor kitchen shelters
    • Propane stove
    • Parking area

    Inside the tent

    • 1 table, 4 chairs and 1 bench
    • 3 doubles beds
    • Lighting
    • Storage cabinet
    • Heating
    • Dishes and utensils
    • Small refrigerator
    • Charging socket for small devices (USB or traditional, depending on location)

    Equipment to bring

    Campers must see to bringing whatever other supplies and equipment are required for their entire length of stay. 

    • Food
    • Personal belongings
    • Sleeping bags, blankets and pillows


    • Service building (showers and toilets)

Potable water

Sometimes the running water available at campsites is not potable. It is recommended that you arrive with your own supply.


In addition to park regulations, here are rules to follow for a safe and comfortable camping experience.

Important Notices

  • 100% of the sites are reservable. When there is availability, it is possible to take advantage of a site on a first-come, first-served basis.

Safety precautions for children

  • It is recommended that children aged 5 years and under not sleep on the top beds.
  • The ladder should only to be used for climbing up or down.
  • It is recommended that nothing be hung from the beds (e.g. cords) to reduce the risk of strangulation.



  • Cooking food is not permitted inside units, as cooking odours may attract wildlife.
  • Cook outdoors or in the kitchen shelter of the service building.
  • All food must be stored in your vehicle or in food storage lockers located in the service buildings. oTENTik ready-to-camp guests may use the fridge or container outside the tent.
  • Do not leave food unattended and throw your trash in the containers located at the service building.
  • For the 'basic service'' package : the camping stove must be stored in the container provided for this purpose outside the tent when not in use. Wait until the stove has cooled down before handling it!



  • Fires are only allowed in park fire pits.
  • Firewood is sold in bundles. Gathering natural wood is not allowed (driftwood, deadwood, bark, etc.).



Please respect the curfew. 


No open flames or gas or propane lanterns inside the units.


Pets are not allowed because they can be an important source of allergy for some visitors and they can damage rented equipment.



  • Smoking is not allowed inside the units.
  • Smoke outside and do not dispose of your butts in nature.



  • The equipment used must be cleaned and stored in the same condition as when you arrived.
  • If the unit is not left in a state of cleanliness, it will be cleaned at the customer’s expense.



  • Maximum number of vehicles per campsite: Two vehicles.
  • No additional camping units allowed with the micrOcube or oTENTik packages.


Key management

Leave the key on the table when you leave.

Check-in time: From 3 p.m.
Check-out time: By 11 a.m.
Curfew: From 11 p.m. to a.m.

Failure to follow these rules could cause offense and cancellation of your stay.
Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your stay! 

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