Camping safety

Forillon National Park

Keep your campsite clean!

Feeding wild animals is not only dangerous for you, but also for them.

Your food is not suitable for their specific nutritional needs.

The animal can become dependant, dangerous and find itself without resources once the visitors have left.

Always store away all food-related and scented items.

A character carries in a car, a trailer, RV, bear-proof container or in a fridge examples of food like a cooler, an apple, a bottle, a can, dirty dishes, a fish, toothpaste and lotion.

Stay safe and protect wildlife by following these simple rules:

  • Put anything that might attract wildlife in a closed, secure place* (such as a car or bear-proof container) whenever you’re away or asleep.
    * Tents, tent trailers, and oTENTik tents are NOT secure storage spaces.
  • Never cook or leave anything with a smell in a tent, tent trailer, or oTENTik, micrOcube or Oasis.
  • Empty your dishwater only in a sink in a service building or in your RV.
  • Do not empty your RV's greywater at your campsite.
  • Put all your garbage and recyclables in the bins at the camp service buildings.

Concerning campfire:

  • Make sure no garbage and nothing with a smell ever goes into your fire pit. Fire pits are not garbage disposals.
  • Fires are only allowed in park fire pits.
  • Always check the fire hazard index for possible fire bans before you light a fire.
  • Unattended fires are prohibited. Never leave a fire unattended.

  • Wildlife attractants include the following:

    • Coolers (full or empty)
    • Food, even in closed containers
    • Bottles and cans
    • Dishes, cutlery, and cooking utensils
    • Pet food and bowls
    • Anything used for food preparation
    • Lotions and toothpaste
    • Garbage

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