Prince Edward Island National Park

Parks Canada works hard to ensure that our national park stays healthy through all kinds of restoration and conservation projects, through species monitoring and by educating others as to the ways that they can assist in protecting these special places for the future.

Climate change

Learn about the impact of climate change in Prince Edward Island National Park.

Research and monitoring

Recent research permits in PEI National Park have included bat studies, St. Lawrence Aster, climate change (using drones) and dune geo-morphology.

Dune recovery

Dunes are recovering after a severe weather event and can use your help.

Protecting species

PEI National Park's 42 kilometres of breathtaking coastline on the island’s north shore provides important habitat for several species at risk.

Conserving and restoring ecosystems

Our primary objective is to ensure “ecological integrity.” This means that we want to keep our national park ecosystems healthy.


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