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Pukaskwa National Park

Pukaskwa National Park is a vast, wild, natural playground on the edge of the world's largest freshwater lake. It's a place where powerful waves collide with rugged, towering coastlines; a place of endless sunsets over sandy driftwood beaches. Its topography, unruly climate, unspoiled and variable coastline, boreal forest and rare plant species - these all form the distinguishing characteristics of Pukaskwa and make it an ideal place for learning and discovery.


Protected and appropriately managed, Pukaskwa’s wilderness is a place where native species and natural processes can persist, and where visitors can support and engage in conservation efforts.

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Pukaskwa National Park plays an important role in preserving suitable habitat for wildlife. Learn more about park fauna:


Come discover this natural environment for yourself – a place where Lake Superior's untouched beauty can be seen, experienced and remembered by all who visit.

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